The  Art  of  Andy  McCready

Andy McCready is a painter and illustrator based in Dunedin, New Zealand, where she can generally be found at punk rock gigs or partaking of the free beer at art openings.

Operating within that delightful current of contemporary art known as ‘lowbrow,’ Andy’s distinctive portraits of elaborately coiffed and inked girls on customised, shaped boards are quirky, decorative and darkly playful.

Acrylic is her preferred medium, but this is often combined with an eclectic array of additional materials, including vintage wallpaper, gilding wax and spray-paint. In addition to original paintings, she produces a range of affordable, limited edition giclée prints.

Andy holds a few degrees, which, although not particularly useful in day-to-day life, were nonetheless rather interesting to study — a BA (Honours, First Class) and MA (Distinction) in Art History and Theory from the University of Otago and a Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts from Massey University.

These make her eminently qualified to sit in her bedroom and fuss about with paints and pencils.

She enjoys rants about music, cuddles with cats and has uncanny luck when gambling.